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Belted Style Necklace

belte style necklace

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Belted Style Necklace

Belted Style Necklace are versatile accessories worn by designers and fashionistas in both trendy and classic looks. Learn how to wear a chain belt so you can easily incorporate it into your outfits.

A chain belt is a belt that is made of linked metal. Unlike a traditional buckle belt, which fits through the belt loops of a pair of pants, a chain-link belt typically loops around the mid-waist or hips and hangs down, sometimes wrapping around the body more than once.

Belted Style Necklace are available in a variety of materials and designs, ranging from simple linked metal to woven leather to embellished with rhinestones, studs, jewels, or charms. It has evolved over time to serve various purposes and styles, making it both functional and decorative.

A wardrobe piece as well as a decorative accent. Many people use them as statement body jewelry or as a dress belt to dress up formal outfits.
2. Fits below the waist. The majority of chain belts fall loosely around your midsection, striking you between the waist and hip.

Good quality beautiful chain style golden & silver polish available.

very beautiful and shining.

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