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2Pcs Heavy Embroidery

frock designs The base fabric of the dress could be silk, georgette, or any other luxurious and high-quality material that provides heavy embroidery.Chest 20
Frock lenght 34/ 35
Stuff Organza

Trouser length 37
Stuff Malai
Chest size 20




2Pcs Heavy Embroidery


additionally frock designs The base fabric of the dress could be silk, satin, velvet, chiffon, georgette, or any other luxurious and high-quality material that provides a suitable canvas for heavy embroidery.

Embroidery Techniques: The dress would likely feature various embroidery techniques such as:

Thread Embroidery: Intricate designs also created using different types of threads, including silk, metallic, and cotton, to form patterns and motifs.

Zardozi Embroidery:

A form of heavy and opulent embroidery that often includes metallic threads, beads, and sequins, resulting in a rich and textured look.

Beadwork: Embellishing the fabric with beads, pearls, and other small decorative elements to add dimension and shine.

Sequins: Small, shiny discs that are stitched onto the fabric to create a shimmering effect.

frock designs

frock designs Layering fabric shapes onto the dress and then stitching around the edges to create a raised, decorative effect.

Cutwork: Creating patterns by cutting out sections of fabric and then stitching around the edges to prevent fraying.

Designs and Patterns: Heavy embroidery dresses often feature intricate designs, including floral motifs, geometric patterns, paisley designs, and more. The patterns is cover the entire dress or be strategically placed on specific areas.

frock designs Color Palette:

The color palette of the embroidery threads and embellishments should complement the base fabric and overall design. It could be monochromatic, multicolored, or even incorporate metallic shades for added glamour.


basically The silhouette of the dress could vary widely, from A-line to mermaid, ball gown to sheath, depending on the designer’s vision and the wearer’s preferences.

Neckline and Sleeves: The neckline and sleeve designs could range from simple to ornate, with additional embroidery or embellishments for a cohesive look.


Heavy embroider dresses are chose for special occasions such as weddings, formal parties, galas, and other glamorous events.

frock designs Lining and Comfort:

besides Given the weight of the embroidery and potential roughness of certain embellishments, a comfortable and smooth lining is essential to ensure the dress feels good against the wearer’s skin.


certainly The dress could have a zipper, buttons, or other closure mechanisms that seamlessly integrate with the design.

frock designs Length:

The dress could be short, tea-length, or full-length, depending on the event and personal preferences.

Care Instructions:

Due to the delicate nature of heavy embroidery, the dress might require special care, such as dry cleaning or gentle hand washing.


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