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3pc Unstitched Dress

3pc Unstitched Dress 👗

Duppatta Monar Lawn Self Lining Digital Printed

Shirt Premium Quality Swiss Lawn Fabric Digital Printed And Trouser

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3pc Unstitched Dress:

latest summer dresses An unstitched dress is a women’s clothing set in separate sections that can be customized and stitched based on individual desires and specifications. A three-piece unstitched dress for ladies typically includes the following components:
The shirt or kameez, which often covers the upper and lower body, is the primary clothing worn with a dress. It can be any length, from knee to floor length, according to the wearer’s preferences and cultural expectations.
According to personal preferences, options include cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette, and any other appropriate.
The pants or trousers used with the shirt are the bottom parts. They can have any desired style, including straight, wide-leg, flared, and more. You can match the shirt’s material and color to the bottom piece’s general style. latest summer dresses
It can be cotton, silk, georgette, chiffon, or any combination. It is an accessory. Depending on the style, dupattas may be plain, patterned, or decorated with sequins, embroidery, or ornament.


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