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LED light shoes

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LED Light Shoes:

“In the LED light shoes LED light is put in the shoe and there are six wires that go to the edges of the heel,” Jackson said. “They are sensitive to any vibration. In this case it would be walking or running, so every time the foot steps down the shoe will light up.”

The lighter shoes will allow your feet to stay cooler as there is less material around your ankle, and therefore allow your feet to breathe without the extra weight. You’ll be able to walk further for longer with the flexibility that walking shoes can provide compared to heavier more robust walking boots.

What are the advantages of wearing LED safety shoes?

Safety shoes protect against punctures, cuts, burns, and impact, among other things! Safety boots also provide traction when walking on slick or uneven surfaces, preventing slips and falls that can lead to more serious problems like broken bones and head injuries.

Do lighter shoes help you run faster?

Running times slow when the weight of the running shoe is increased, even if only by a few ounces. Wearing heavy shoes while running on the treadmill may slow an athlete down in real races, according to a new study. Running in heavier shoes will require more energy than running in lighter shoes.

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  • Imported shoes high quality
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