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Two way pet lint roller



Two-way pet lint roller

pet hair roller Material: Plastic
About the Product: Two-way pet lint roller
Storage capacity
Large Small
Size Dimensions: (w x L) 9 x 8 Inches

Sticky Sheets:
Typically, a roll of sticky sheets and a handle make up a pet lint roller. A sticky material that attracts and holds pet hair, lint, and other particles is applied to the sheets.

Replaceable and Disposable:

Usually disposable, the adhesive sheets may be peeled off to expose a clean, new layer below. Certain lint rollers include extra sheets or new rolls, which are sold separately.

Convenient and Transportable:

Because pet lint rollers are frequently small and light, they are convenient to carry in a handbag or car for use when travelling. They are therefore a practical way to rapidly get rid of pet hair from clothes before leaving.

Different Sizes:

Larger lint rollers for use at home are available, as well as tiny travel-sized models. Your unique demands and whether you want to use it at home, in the vehicle, or on the go may influence the size you select.
Reusable Straps:

When the adhesive sheet roll in your lint roller runs out, you may connect a fresh roll by using the reusable handles that some of them include. This may be a more eco-friendly option than lint rollers that are thrown away.
Using Several Surfaces:

Pet lint rollers work well on a range of surfaces, including as vehicle seats, furniture, bedding, and clothes.

Variations in Brands:

Pet-specific lint rollers are available from a number of companies, and they could come with extra features or variants. While some businesses could concentrate on environmentally friendly products, others might provide extra-sticky sheets for pets with extremely obstinate fur.



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